Propaganda Post info

For the propaganda project our group decided to make banned book posters. We got this idea from the book and movie Fahrenheit 451. Each of us decided to pick a book that has been banned. The book I chose was Slaughterhouse -Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. One of my all time favorite movies is the original footloose and there is a scene in the movie when Ren, the main character, is talking with some of the members of his aunt’s church. They are discussing classic books and he says that Slaughter house- five is a classic. They respond with ugly looks and scoff at the idea of one reading a book that has been said to be filth. There is also a scene in the movie where they are burning books because they believe that it presents bad ideas for the younger generation. Slaughterhouse-five was banned because of the very vulgar scenes and language that was used in the book. The book also presented an “anti-Christianity” view. The government did not want the book in schools or available for people because it was considered “pure filth”. The book is no longer banned, but it had a lasting impact on the literary world.

Donelson, Ken. “ “Filth” and “Pure Filth” in our Schools—Censorship of Classroom books in the Last Ten Years.” The English Journal 86 (Feb. 1997)21-25.

Donelson, Ken. “Censorship in the 1970’s” The English Journal 63 (Feb. 1974): 47-51




10/21 Class- Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0- Pros and Cons

Today we talked about the pros and cons of web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. One point that was brought up in our group for a con of web 2.0 was the lack of privacy. I thought that was interesting because the internet was created as a public space for information. Today people get angry when Facebook uses their information, but they are willingly putting their pictures on Face book, so why would you want it to be private? I understand if there was an issue with those pictures being used for something without being asked if they could use them. But when people don’t want others to see what they are posting, then maybe they should not have a Facebook, or say something that people will comment on. I don’t mean that they should post what they want, but they should know what could happen if they do so. I think privacy on the internet is something that is not really possible. Everything you do, whether you know it or not, is saved and can be traced. So the concept in itself is void because there is no way around it.

Titanic live tweets

Our group decided to live tweet the sinking of the Titanic. Two members were tweeting from the boat, one was tweeting from the rescue boat and I was tweeting as a journalist for the New York Times. I chose the name Charles Harris. I decided to use the actual news reports from the paper to tweet out so it would be more authentic. This project was fun but also challenging because we had to think about how we wanted say certain things and what people back then would have said. We also had to get info across with a limited amount of words. I was interesting to think about what people would have really been thinking during this event and how people would have reported the event. Knowing what happened and the details of the event, it was weird having to look back and time when tweets would come out. We had to time everything just right so that it would all make sense. Over all this project was a lot of fun and it was a good learning experience.

Here is the link to the newspaper article that I used from the New York Times.

Assignments I want to do this semester

  1. Find a historical, modern, or made up event that represents different forms of communication or technology- I think we could use the green screen room if we had the oppertunity. But we could also use the interactive timeline from knightlab that we learned about on Tuesday.
  2. Develop a radio broadcast or news anchor interview about an event (example: Civil War) that occurred before the development of mass broadcasting- we could even look at a moden day events and make a radio broadcast about what was going on when the event took place.
  3. Develop a propaganda campaign, create a false dictatorship- Broadcast all over ITCC- I like idea of using these posters to see how vital communication is and how fast information can be spread. It would be a good way to look at which type of media outlet made a bigger impact. ex. using the screens in the front of ITTC vs. using posters around the building.


Why I am taking this class

I am taking this class becasue I find the ways in which information is conveyed throughout time to be very interesting. And the fact that Professor McClurken is teaching this class is another plus!!